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We have developed a robust academic programme, aligned with the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (The Kindergarten programme for children aged 3-5 is called the Foundation Stage)

At The City School we recognize the importance of early childhood experiences upon future learning. EYFS, which includes and enhances the requirements of our Single National Curriculum (SNC).

Our EYFS approach towards learning and development revolves around 3 main themes each providing a stimulating, secure and fun environment for children aged 3-5 years where they may grow in confidence.

Learning & Development

A Unique Child

More power to the child

Our role is that of a facilitator, equipping children for life-long learning in the very best manner.

Positive Relationships

Quality connections

Our committed team of teachers works closely with children and parents to create an inspiring and nurturing environment where every child is challenged as well as supported.

Enabling Environments

A place for children to 'be'

We value the innate potential of each child. Our teachers facilitate young children’s learning and thinking through a free play approach that encourages child-initiated learning inside and outside the classroom.

A Different Way of Learning and Teaching

At The City School children learn through indoor and outdoor activities based on their preferences, interest and curiosity. Having engaged our students in something they enjoy, our teachers contextually develop skills and introduce facts.

Circle Time

Circle Time

A fun way to develop positive relationships, improve self-esteem and establish routines. It also explores thoughts that enable children to develop social, emotional, language and communication skills.

Story Time

Story Time

We bring stories to life as an everyday activity, encouraging the love of language and literature. A variety of curriculum-driven story sessions are used to increase vocabulary and imagination.

Exploring Creativity

Exploring Creativity

Our teaching team ensures the opportunity for play, art, music and drama in both indoor and outdoor environments.



Our students fully benefit from an extensive collection of classic and contemporary tales, picture books, novelty books, rhyme-time resources, story sacks and puppets.



Our curriculum inculcates 12 core values, acting as guiding principles in each child’s daily life.

Areas of Learning and Development

The Foundation Stage is focused on whole child development where proper attention is given to the social development, skills and knowledge that children need to interact in a complex and changing world.

Children are introduced to foundations in reading and writing (of subjects like Science, Mathematics and ICT – Information and Communication Technology) through a system of practical applications and a stimulating learning environment. The core areas of learning and development at The City School are:

Prime Areas

The prime areas continue to be fundamental throughout Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Health and Hygiene

Specific Areas

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Understanding the World
  • Creative Art
  • Music
  • Computing

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